"Fish Culture in Tanks" suggests a delightful occupation for the dwellers in a tropical country. Moreover, the Bulletin of the Department of Fisheries, Bengal, which bears this title, assures us that it is a very profitable business. Sir K.G. Gupta estimates that, assuming half the fish survive to maturity, a clear profit of Rs 140 may be depended upon in two years for every 1,000 Rohu fry purchased. His calculation includes the cost of the fry, Rs 15, payment to fishermen, Rs 30, and incidental expenses, Rs 5; but takes no account of capital outlay on the construction of tanks. Judging from the statements in the Bulletin, tanks of considerable area and depth are necessary for the cultivation even of 1,000 fish. It should be pointed out, also, that the business is not without its risks from predatory fish, from accidental pollution of the water, and from the failure of the weed upon which the Rohu feeds. These considerations need not deter the intending fish farmer but they should show him the prudence of entering the business as a small holder.

News Items

(From Our Correspondent)
Allahabad, Nov 15

The Convocation of Allahabad University took place today. The Hon. Dr. Sunderlal Vice-Chancellor, presided, and delivered the Convocation address, in which he reviewed the operation of the University for the past year.
The Vice-Chancellor referred to the establishment of faculty of engineering and the non-extension of help to Thomason College, Roorkee. He announced that Government had given its approval to the establishment of University chairs in economics and modern history, and expressed its willingness to establish a third chair for three years.

(From Our Correspondent)
Madras, Nov 15

Under orders from Mr. F. Armitage, Commissioner of Police, the premises of the "Empress of India" press were raided yesterday evening. It appears that this press was printing a recently started weekly called Municipal News though, in his declaration before the Magistrate, the editor of the paper stated that he had a press of his own called "Municipal News" press. The police however, found that there existed no such press known as "Municipal News" press and, accordingly, took action yesterday under Sections 14 and 15 of the Press Act of 1867. All copies of the Municipal News, formes, etc., were taken away, and it is understood that the case will soon be put up before the Magistrate.

(From Our Correspondent)
Barisal, Nov 15

In the Barisal conspiracy case, on the defence petition for a fortnight’s adjournment being taken up, Mr. Gupta, for the prosecution, submitted that defence counsel, Babu Bejoy Ch. Chatterjee, had requested him to consent to a fortnight’s adjournment, but he agreed to a two days’ adjournment. The Legal Remembrancer, was opposed to any adjournment, but he had agreed to two days as promised by Mr. Gupta. After some discussion, the Court granted a two days’ adjournment noting that from the day of the discharge of the rule for transfer by the High Court, till the cross-examination of the first approver commences, accused’s counsel and pleaders will get eleven days to be ready for the case, which will be taken up on November 19th.

London, Nov 15

Larkin threatens to call out the railwaymen and isolate Dublin if the imprisoned strikers are not released. There is some talk of Government intervention to secure a settlement, but its nature has not been decided upon.