Tour Of The Town
(From Our Correspondent)
Malda, Nov 12

Their Excellencies left the Circuit House immediately after breakfast, and motored to Nimasarai. A launch conveyed them to the opposite bank of the Mahananda. The town of old Malda is very picturesque from the river, and the people, headed by the municipal Commissioners, were drawn up on the broad steps of the ghat to welcome Their Excellencies. Lord Carmichael first visited the Jama Masjid, which was built in 1596. He then proceeded via the shrine of Shagada the Katra. His Excellency walked through the picturesque old streets and inspected a number of places of interest, including the great Adina Masjid, which greatly impressed His Excellency. The party returned at about 5-30 pm.

The Position Of Jews Discussed
St. Petersburg, Nov 12

The Duma has rejected by 152 votes to 92 a motion of the constitutional democrats to confer equal civil rights on everyone in Russia. The democrats urged that so long as Jews did not enjoy full citizenship, Russia could not become a legal State. Opponents of the motion argued that its adoption would be provocation to mischief, and would destroy peasant proprietorship. They declared that it would be peculiarly inopportune in view of the increasing racial strife.

Passengers Safely Landed
(From Our Special Correspondent)
Colombo, Nov 12

The Ceylon steamer Lady Blake, which went aground in Paumben Channel, left Colombo a week ago not on the usual pleasure trip, but with cargo for South Indian ports. She carried 200 deck and a few second-class passengers. The steamer grounded in the channel but was refloated without assistance fifty hours afterwards. All passengers landed at Paumben, but no information is available regarding what has become of them. The vessel is now anchored at Paumben. Her bottom is believed to be damaged but the diver’s report has not yet been received. The cause of the accident is believed to be the strong and treacherous current near the Paumben railway bridge.

Sequel To The Coup D’Etat
Pekin, Nov 12

The native newspapers forecast the establishment of a "New Administrative Congress," consisting of two representatives of each province, four Cabinet Ministers, one representative of each ministry, and eight members of the Secretariat. This is intended to pave the way to the establishment of a new Parliament on lines giving the Government control in matters of importance. It is thought that the object of this preliminary publication of the scheme is to sound public opinion, which appears to be ready to agree to anything Yuan-Shi-Kai suggests.

Public Gifts Worth Five Lakhs

Mrs. Belilios, widow and heiress of the late Mr. Belilios, a wealthy merchant of Belilios Road, Howrah, has decided to make over to the Howrah Municipality by a deed of gift (to take effect after her death) her palatial residence with about 150 bighas of beautifully laid out garden attached thereto, situated on the Belilios Road in the heart of the Howrah town. The property to be transferred to the Municipality is valued at not less than five lakhs of rupees.
The residence, according to the wishes of Mrs. Belilios, is to be utilised as a public library for which she will make a donation of another ten thousand rupees.