At the Ideal Home Exhibition at Olympia the electric supply companies of London combined to give a demonstration of the extent to which electricity may be utilised for domestic purposes. There was a kitchen which resembled a railway signalman&’s box in the multitude of its switches. One had but to press the appropriate button to have food cooked, eggs whipped, clothes ironed or knives cleaned. If there is a baby in the ideal home, its cradle is rocked by electricity – and the hand that rocks the cradle, we are reminded, rules the world. The same agency heats the water in the bath, dries the towels, pulls aside the casement curtains, and assists the toilet. In the dining-room the dishes are brought up automatically through a central opening in the table and glide round a circle of rails, stopping in front of the ladies first.
Domestic servants of the flesh and blood order are not altogether dispensed with. They are out of sight and out of mind, but very much within range, for they are listening to everything that is being said at table through an electrophone concealed amid the floral decorations, and keeping an eye upon the course of dishes and of events, like naval officers in the conning-tower of a submarine.

News Items

A Former Chief Engineer To The Railway Board
(From Our Special Correspondent)
Simla, Nov 11

News has been received of the death at Patiala of Mr. H.S. Harrington, formerly Chief Engineer to the Railway Board. He was an eminent engineer and designed and constructed several hill railways, including the Kalka-Simla railway. Mr. Harrington, on retirement, joined the Patiala State, and was employed in carrying out railway surveys for the construction of feeder railways. He was a well-known figure in Simla, and his untimely death will be greatly deplored. His body will be brought to Simla by train tomorrow for the funeral.

Punjab Moslem League On His Resignation
(From Our Correspondent)
Lahore, Nov 11

A largely attended extraordinary meeting of the Executive Committee of the Punjab Moslem League passed a resolution placing on record the grateful appreciation of the invaluable services rendered to the Moslem cause by Mr. Syed Ameer Ali, assuring him of the unchanging confidence of Punjab Mahomedans in his leadership, and earnestly appealing to him to withdraw his resignation of the Presidentship of the London Moslem League.
Nawab Zulfikar Ali presided at the meeting, and there was a prolonged discussion, the predominant note of the speeches being one of resentment at the action which had led to Mr. Ameer Ali&’s resignation. Further consideration of the incident in question was postponed until the arrival in India of the full text of the correspondence between Messrs. Ameer Ali and Wazir Hassan.

Charges Against Bengalis
(From Our Correspondent)
Bangalore, Nov 11

In connection with the arrest and remand of two young Bengalis last week by the Bangalore City Police for giving, as stated a false address it is now alleged that they were travelling for the sale of lottery tickets on the Viceroy’s Cup Race on behalf of a bogus Orphan Home. Ticket books of the face value of about Rs 20,000 were found in their luggage, as also a telegram apparently from their principals in
Calcutta, advising them to give Mysore and Bangalore a wide berth just now, as police vigilance was likely to be active in view of the Viceroy’s visit. They are to be charged with contravening the law against lotteries.