A question of some interest has arisen in Fiji with reference to the marriage of Indians living in that Colony. It appears that the Indian Marriage Ordinance of Fiji provides for a civil marriage but not for a religious ceremony. The civil procedure includes the declaration of banns in open court for three weeks, and the issue of a certificate of marriage by the Agent-General of Immigration. Two girls from the Dudley Indian Orphanage at Dilkusha wished to be married with Christian rites to the youths to whom they were betrothed, and the Rev. Cyril Bavin, as their legal guardian, applied to the Agent-General of Immigration for the necessary permission. But the authorities could not go beyond the words of the Ordinance, and permission was refused. Having taken legal advice, however, the minister decided to hold the service, first taking the parties before a civil magistrate to make the formal declaration that they knew of no impediment to the marriages. The rest of the procedure laid down in the Ordinance was, on conscientious grounds, not carried out. Now the question has to be legally decided whether the marriage ceremony which is lawful in the case of British subjects of European birth may be substituted for provisions of the Ordinance in the case of Indians.

Incident During Dewali Celebrations
(From Our Correspondent)
Kalimpong, Oct 31
In celebration of the Dewali festival, fire balloons were sent up from the mela ground this forenoon. One of them floated over the bazar and landed on the grass roof of the two storeyed building occupied by the Central Union Bank. In a few minutes the whole roof was ablaze. The fire rapidly spread to the upper storey, but fortunately all the contents and furniture were saved, including all the Bank papers.