Curious Story In High Court
At the High Court yesterday before Justices Imam and Chapman, Babu Satindra Nath Mookerjee, in moving on behalf of one Shamshuddin Chowdhury, narrated a curious story of a strange practice prevalent in the district of Dinajpur of Mahomedans worshipping Hindu gods and goddesses. There was a dispute over some lands forming part of the “Debutter” of Bishari, the Hindu goddess of snakes. The Mahomedans of the locality offer “puja” to the goddess. The petitioner filed a suit against eighteen Mahomedans for plucking mangoes from trees standing in the “debutter” lands. The defence was that as they offered “puja” to the goddess they were entitled to enjoy the fruits, of the trees standing on the “debutter” lands. The Munsiff of Dinajpur before whom the suit was instituted granted a modified decree but on appeal the District Judge dismissed the whole suit. Against that order the plaintiff moved the High Court.
Their lordships issued a rule on the District Judge to show cause why his order dismissing the petitioner&’s suit should not be set aside.

Good And Bad Ledger Of Shop Assistants
The majority of customers, whose whole idea of the system of even the greatest shops is that “you buy the thing and they just stick it down,” would be astonished to learn of the careful and elaborate methods which control their smallest purchases and ensure the efficiency of the staff which serves them.
One London firm, for example, have a most exact system by which every assistant in their employ is entered in a “personality book,” the aim of which is to analyse his or her character and give a tabulated record of their strong and weak points. Any error or mistake is set down, with details of its nature, and from these week by week points are entered on a chart, along, of course, with any good points obtained.
A balancing line is drawn, at one end of which are placed the letters “M.V.,” meaning measure of value, and at the other “N.S.,” or needed supervision. According as the line see-saws to “M.V.” or “N.S.” the present worth of the assistant rises or falls. Every three months these records are gone through, and of course the best records gain promotion.


Government Inquiry
(From Our Special Correspondent)
Simla, Oct 30

The Government of India have practically decided to undertake an inquiry into the prevalence diabetes in India, and it is quite probable that a beginning will be made in the Punjab. An officer with experience will be selected to undertake this enquiry.

(From Our Correspondent)
Kottayam, Oct 30

The Buckingham Stephens murder case came up again today, before the divisional first-class magistrate, Mr. Ramaswamy Iyer, for the consideration of the first accused, Swyny&’s claim to be dealt with as a European British subject. Copies of the records in support of the claim were field.
After hearing the evidence the following order was passed:- The evidence adduced by the first defendant leaves no room for doubt that he is a European British subject, being the grandson of an Irishman, by name Schofield, by legitimate decent.
The only question is whether he can claim the privilege now. No direct authority has been produced on this point on either side. I think the claim ought to have been made when he was first brought before the Court. The petition is dismissed.”