Protest Meeting At Cawnpore
(From Our Correspondent)
Cawnpore, Oct 28

The Cawnpore Hindu Sabha has taken up the question of cow-killing at Ajodhia and has authorised its President, the Hon. Lala Bishambhar Nath, to communicate with the Hindu members of the Local Legislative Council and other prominent leaders of the community with a view to organise a deputation to wait upon His Honour the Lieutenant-Governor and to represent the Hindu feeling on the question. The Brahmavarta Santana Dharma Mahamandal, which has been holding its meetings for some days, devoted a whole evening to the discussion of this question, and the meeting, at which more than five thousand persons were present, passed resolutions urging upon the Government the necessity of preventing the slaughter of cows at Ajodhia and giving expression to the discontent and restlessness that has prevailed in the community as a result of the action of the authorities at Ajodhia in getting cows slaughtered there with the help of the Military. The meeting also appealed to the Mahomedan leaders to use their influence at Ajodhia and to stop cow sacrifice there.

(From Our Correspondent)
Simla, Oct 28

It has been decided that with effect from June 1st, 1913, good service pensions to officers of the Indian Services shall not be less than pound 100 a year in all cases. Officers on the active list, and those who retired or were placed on the unemployed super-numerary list after May 31st, 1913, will be eligible for selection in future, and the pension will be tenable for life subject to vacation on succession to Colonels allowances, promotion to Field Marshal, or the attainment of an additional pension in the case of Administrative officers of the Indian Medical Service.