Appeal Against Sentences
(From Our Correspondent)
Allahabad, Oct 27

The appeal of the five accused in the Manipuri Sati case was heard today in the Allahabad High Court before Justices Tudball and Ryves. Appellants also showed cause why sentences should not be enhanced. Mr. Motilal Nehru argued at great length on behalf of appellants, contending that if they did not intend to bring about suicide they could not be held guilty of abetment, and the most extraordinary feature of case was that there was no evidence how the fire came there.
Mr. Justice Tudball suggested that perhaps the widow had matches hidden about her. Mr. Motilal submitted that the widow was determined to commit suicide, and the sentiment to sacrifice her life was most admirable one although the act in itself was to be condemned. Accused were poor rustics, believing in superstition, and awed by extraordinary events they mechanically followed the widow’s orders in preparing a pyre but refused to perform the last act of setting fire to the pyre. If they were found guilty the sentences they had already served were sufficient. Judgment was reserved.

Alleged Ringleaders Arrested
(From Our Correspondent)
Cawnpore, Oct 27

For some time past considerable lawlessness has prevailed in Sudder Bazar, one of the wards of the city. The authorities, however, could do nothing to check the evil, as persons, including those who suffered, did not dare to come forward, and to make any accusation. Recently a complaint having been made to the District Magistrate regarding acts of extortion and intimidation committed by certain persons, residents of the ward, an immediate police enquiry was ordered, and the police, after making investigations, arrested two persons alleged to be the leaders of the gang. These men were put up today before the Joint Magistrate, who has called upon them to show cause why they should not furnish security and bonds to be of good behaviour.
A large crowd was present in the Court today as the case has created some sensation, and leading lawyers are appearing on either side.

Indian Orders Stopped
(From Our Correspondent)
Simla, Oct 27

In connection with the South African question, the stoppage of the coal purchase from that country has been suggested as one of the retaliatory measures.
For several years past, owing to shortage of coal supplies from Bengal, the Great Indian Peninsula, the Madras and Southern Mahratta the North-Western, the South Indian, and the Bombay-Baroda and Central India railways have been consuming South African coal, but detailed figures are not yet available.
This year, however, the Government of India have placed no orders for coal in South Africa and, presumably, there will be no need to place future orders in that colony.

Strange Leaflets Seized

It is understood that the Calcutta and the Bengal C.I.D. seized, within a few days of the murder of Head Constable Haripada Deb, at College Square, several leaflets in the vicinity of the Sealdah Station and other prominent places in the town. The leaflets, which are anonymous, are stated to have been written by a person posing as the murderer of Haripada Deb and declaring himself as the thrower of the bomb at Delhi. It is reported that the writer challenged the police to trace him.
It is understood that the police are in possession of evidence which supports the original theory that the College Square murder and the assassination at Mymensingh are the work of the same gang.