Although accompanied by less pageantry than is usual in the case of royal weddings, the marriage of the Duchess of Fife and Prince Arthur of Connaught seems to have been a sufficiently imposing ceremony.
The King gave away his niece the bride, the Prince of Wales was "best man" to his cousin, once removed, the bridegroom, and seventeen other royal personages, including three queens, had places in the distinguished congregation.
As a tribute to the country of the bride Scottish honours were prominently associated with the occasion. White heather had a conspicuous place in the decorations, the carriage of the happy pair was escorted by the Scots Greys and the King marked his congratulations to the bridegroom by conferring upon him the Order of the Thistle. Reuter does not include the shamrock in the list of floral decorations, but the modest little trefoil may easily have been overlooked amid the blooms of roses, lilies and chrysanthemums.
We may be sure that the country from which the Duke of Connaught takes his title, and which gave him the godfather whose Christian name he has passed on to his son, was not unrepresented in the emblems of the royal union.

Important Decision:
Dual Membership Abolished;
Members To Have The Choice
(From Our Special Correspondent)
Simla, Oct 16

An important decision has been reached in respect of the question of membership of both the Imperial and Provincial Councils, which has been under consideration for some time. The Secretary of State has accepted the recommendations of the Government of India. In future members will have the option of sitting either on the Imperial or the Provincial Council. The decision, however, will not extend to the sitting members, but will apply to future elections. The regulations will now be amended in the light of the decision of the Secretary of State, and a formal order will be issued during the next few weeks. It is understood that the practice of allowing members to sit on both Councils has not proved successful or beneficial, and the Government decision will be generally welcomed.


Four Persons Injured
(From Our Correspondent)
Bombay, Oct 16
This morning at about nine o’clock an explosion occurred at Messrs. Marsland Price and Company’s establishment, resulting in injuries to four persons.
It appears that some gunpowder was found yesterday in the sample room, and through some misunderstanding it was taken out this morning by the head store-keeper to be destroyed.
The bags containing powder were pulled out and emptied on the ground, and a trail was laid which was ignited. An explosion occurred before the time expected, injuring four workmen.

Meetings In Calcutta
The Rakhi Day meeting was held yesterday morning at Beadon Square under the presidency of Babu Shyamsunder Chuckerbutty.
The President said that, though the partition of Bengal had been annulled, the people had not forgotten the Partition Day, which had been incorporated into the national life and was being observed as a day of festival.
The self-sacrifice of the Bengali students in relieving the distress of the flood-stricken people was a sure indication of the growth of the national life which nothing could hinder.
The President announced that early yesterday morning he had received Rs 250 from friends to be handed over to those fighting for the cause of the Transvaal Indians.