All Chinese reports regarding the war must be taken with the proverbial grain of salt. Assuming that Reuter has already supplied that necessary ingredient, the news from Nanking appears to indicate the beginning of the end of the Southern rebellion. General Chang Hsun has the city within his grasp, and its capture is expected within a day or two. The rebels are believed to have cherished great hopes of winning over Chang Hsun to their own side. A picturesque but unconfirmed rumour was spread to the effect that he might join the Southerners on condition that a Constitutional Government should be established and that the baby Emperor should be restored to the Throne, with himself as Regent. If the rebels have buoyed themselves up with any such hope, however, they are now undeceived. The beaten army at Nanking seem to be fighting desperately for their lives, expecting no quarter from Chang Hsun, whose reputation, as a commander of the old school, is described as "formidable." Nanking, which was once the "Southern capital," is said to be the last rebel stronghold in Kiangsu Province. The lack of any substantial success on the side of the rebels, the ignoble flight of the Southern leaders, and the steady advance of the Government forces all confirm the impression that the doom of the rebellion is sealed.

(From Our Correspondent)
Bombay, Oct 6
One Hirji Bala, a native of Delhi, aged about thirty, who, it is alleged, stabbed the owner of a teashop at Byculla and his servant, was placed this morning before the Fourth Presidency Magistrate and remanded to Police custody. It appears that at 2-30 this morning Ardeshir Khudabux, a servant in the teashop at Byculla, seeing a burglar (whose name was afterwards known to be Hirji Bala) trying to open the counter in the shop, caught him. The burglar attacked him with a large clasp knife. Ardeshir Nishirnan, owner of the shop, and his Mahomedan servants went to the rescue, when the burglar stabbed the owner and Khudabux. People from the Salvation Army quarters, hearing cries, rushed into the shop and secured the burglar. Ardeshir Khudabux, who was stabbed in his wind-pipe, died before he could be removed to hospital.