(From Our Correspondent)
Allahabad, Oct 5
Mr. W.P.S. Milsted, Vice-President of the Allahabad Anglo-Indian Association, has been selected to be President of the Federal Council of Anglo-Indian Associations of India, vice the Hon. Mr. Madge. Mr. C.T. Robbie will act as Secretary of the Federal Council, and the Allahabad Association will be represented on it by Messrs. R.H. Niblett, and O.M. Chiene. A meeting has been arranged to take place at Jhansi between the Hon. Mr. Abbott and Mr. Milsted, when it is understood matters affecting the community will be discussed by the two Presidents.

The Relief Funds
(From Our Correspondent)
Cawnpore, Oct 5
The total collections in aid of the Cawnpore Mosque Fund so far amount to Rs 80,000. Large contributions include collections by the Zemindar, Lahore, Rs 24,000; Hamdard and Comrade, Delhi, Rs 12,000; Lucknow Association Rs 10,000;  Cawnpore contributions Rs 18,000; Bengal and Bihar Rs 10,000. It is expected that the Fund will soon exceed one lakh. Relief from this fund is now being regularly given to sufferers from the recent riot. Besides this fund, Messrs. Tyler (the Collector) and Kendall (District Judge) have also contributed handsome amounts for the relief of sufferers, which along with some other contributions received by the Collector, have been distributed among deserving people through official agency. It is also understood that His Excellency the Viceroy has sent Rs 500 for distribution among the sufferers from the recent events.


Where Germany Hopes To Score
Appeal By A Shipping Magnate
London, Oct 5
Under the auspices of the Hamburg-Amerika line, whose head, Herr Ballin, has issued a vigorous appeal, a strong movement has started at Hamburg and other commercial centres in Germany in favour of taking part in the San Francisco exhibition independently of the Government. It is argued that if British industries abstain, German success is assured, and if British industries ignore the Government’s decision it is essential that Germany should be represented.