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100 years ago

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To The Editor Of The Statesman
SIR, ~ On five occasions during the last fortnight when I have been passing Esplanade Mansions (Scott Thomson’s corner) in the evening about 6 o’clock, I have seen a gharry horse fall down at this corner owing to the very slippery state of the road. Might I suggest to the Corporation or whoever is responsible for the state of the roads that a little grit or sand be thrown down at this corner every morning and evening to enable horses to get round in safety? This could be done at very little cost and trouble and would prevent much needless suffering to horses.

To The Editor Of The Statesman
SIR, ~ What a pity it is that such a good thought as giving us a garden to breathe fresh air and keep body and soul together should have been given up and the greater regret it is to see that a Mahomedan Councillor should have thought that we poor voiceless ladies should be represented by old conservative ideas. I hope this letter of mine will again open up the welcome question, and if necessary the mahomedan ladies may be approached through correct sources to find out how comfortable they feel within the four corners of their "purdahed" room. I positively believe that if a garden screened in such a manner as to admit a carriage was available, the ladies would not only derive advantage in their health, but the social acquaintances would lead to great achievements and improvements in the regeneration of our backward community.
24 June, 1913