The white ant is a creature with which we are only too familiar in India, and many of our readers may have opportunities for confirming some observations which have recently been reported. Professor Bugnion says that while exploring in Ceylon, when he was working his way cautiously through dense vegetation, his attention was attracted by a curious rustling noise which at first suggested the presence of a cobra. This noise was found to come from a colony of white ants, Termes obscuriceps, which had formed galleries on the large fallen leaves of a bread tree. The sound was caused by the ants striking the under surface of these leaves with their mandibles, and the object of it was apparently to give a warning of approaching danger. Bugnion had another opportunity of making observations when about a hundred white ants took possession of a small desk in his office. By knocking on the outside of the desk he was able to get responses from the ants within. It is also asserted that this signalling is the special duty of soldier members of a white ant community who do sentry duty for the others, and that different sounds may be distinguished among the different species.

News Items

Valuable Work Of Mission
(From Our Correspondent)
Allahabad, Sept 22
The Survey of India detachment, under Lieutenant K. Mason, Royal Engineers, which has been connecting Indian triangulation with that of Russia on the Pamirs, in Chinese territory, has completed the link successfully and is on its way back to India. A valuable collection of zoological specimens has been made by Captain R.W.G. Hingston, and photographic materials on which to base a small scale map, botanical specimens, and observations of zoological and meteorological interest have also been collected. It is understood that Colonel Tchiekine, Russian Surveyor, has completed the work on the Russian side.

Conduct Of Police Officers
(From Our Correspondent)
Multan, Sept 22
The Commission to enquire into the alleged misconduct of Chaudhuri Ghulam Rasool, Deputy Superintendent of Police, and Sub-Inspector Mahamed Sarwar will sit at Multan police offices on the 1st proximo. It may be remembered that the police officers concerned were judicially found by the District Magistrate to have got up a false case against some weavers in connection with the now well-known Kahror Begar case, and the Magistrate’s conclusions were supported by Mr. Fitzgerald, Deputy Inspector-General of Police, who held a departmental enquiry on the spot. It is believed that the Inspector-General’s conclusions were different, and hence the appointment of the Commission.

Opening Play At Simla
(From Our Correspondent)
Simla, Sept 22
The Durand Football Tournament opened today at Annandale in ideal weather. A large crowd was present, including H.E. the Viceroy and the Hon. Diamond Hardinge.
The first game was between the South Lancashire Regiment and the King’s Dragoon Guards. The teams were very evenly matched and were good. About half way through the second half Chadwick scored for the Lancs from a scrimmage in front of the King’s goal. This was the only goal of the match. King’s tried hard to equalise, but the Lancs’ defence was unbeatable.
The second game was between the North Staffords and the Connaught Rangers. This match also was very hotly contested, and neither side was able to score.