Only Two Starters
London, Sept 21
The sun was shining and the weather was calm when the waterplane race for the **Daily Mail** prize of five thousand sterling began at Southampton today. The race is confined to British engines. Sawker, on a Sopwith Biplane, left first, cheered by throngs of spectators on the 1,600 mile course round Britain via Ramsgate, Yarmouth, Aberdeen, Cromarty, Oban, Dublin and Falmouth. When he appeared in sight of the various coast towns, flying fast and high, he was again cheered. McLean is the only other competitor. He will start later in the afternoon.

Fatal Affray Between School Boys
(From Our Correspondent)
Rangoon, Sept 21
Report was made to the police yesterday that Po Twe, a lad of the Empress Victoria Buddhist Boys’ School, was stabbed to death with a pocket-knife by Kyi Maung, another student, aged eighteen. There appears to have been an altercation between the boys at the lavatory, which resulted in both falling to the ground. Kyi Maung rose and plunged a pocket-knife into the breast of his school-mate as he lay on the ground. The latter struggled to his feet, staggered a short distance, and fell heavily into some shrubbery, dying almost immediately. The assailant fled to the fourth standard class-room, where he is a pupil. The knife was discovered in the compound, and it was along with the accused made over to the police.

Bombay Press Comment
(From Our Correspondent
Bombay, Sept 21
The proposed Imperial Exhibition in 1913, is strongly commented on by the Times of India which says:- "Everyone in this country will be struck with a significant omission; the participation of India is not mentioned. That is an omission due in all probability to the well known reticence of the Government of India and to the indifference with which our interests are watched in London. We suggest that the Government of India should take immediate steps to correct this deficiency. Of course they will have first to be satisfied that the exhibition is one in which they can participate with dignity and effect. But if they are assured in these respects, we venture to say that it will be in the best interests of this country that it should have a part in the exhibition commensurate with the position of India in the empire. If it is not too late will not one of our energetic members on the Imperial Legislative Council ask a question, or introduce a motion at the September Session? But it is essential that if India is to take part in this exhibition it should be so on a worthy scale, and money be freely spent for the purpose. The Indian exhibit should be controlled from the first to last by the Government of India, and by the men in actual touch with the modern conditions of the country."