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100 years ago

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For thirty years, according to a speaker at the Planters’ Conference at Bangalore, the planters of Southern Mysore have been agitating for a railway line to connect Mysore and Coorg directly with Mangalore and the West Coast. Mysore, Coorg and South Canara are all believed to enjoy a very large measure of general prosperity, but it is certain that this would be very greatly increased by the proposed Arsikere-Mangalore railway which, as a resolution passed by the Conference asserts, forms "the keystone of any scheme of railway construction undertaken for the development of the Province of Mysore." The resolution indicates that the scheme is favoured both by the Madras and Mysore Governments, and urges that the Government of India should sanction its immediate construction. It goes on to say that the work would be "small and relatively inexpensive," but the Engineer-in-Chief of Mysore State Railway Construction estimates that the cost would be 83 lakhs, a sum which the Government of India are hardly in a position to treat as negligible, especially with the new Delhi works before them.

Eight Persons Charged
(From Our Correspondent)
Narainganj, Aug 29

The Raipur Police assault case in which Hafijuddin, Constable, complained against 27 Mahomedans, for assaulting and wrongfully confining him in a house, was taken up by the Sub-divisional Officer. It is alleged that this constable went with a police Sub-Inspector (SI) at the time of the investigation of a goat theft committed by the accused persons, who defined the Koran and proclaimed themselves as gods. The SI deposed that he too was attacked by the accused, but as they failed to seize him he escaped unhurt. The eight accused were charged under for rioting, unlawfully confining, obstructing a public servant in the discharge of his public duties.