Rapper Azealia Banks has defended her decision to bleach her skin.

The 25-year-old Manhattan-born raptress, who admitted to bleach her skin, took to Facebook to explain her decision to use products to make her skin lighter.

"What’s the difference between getting a nose job and changing your skin color? What’s the difference between getting a hair weave or changing your skin color? Nobody was upset when I was wearing 30-inch weaves and tearing out my edges.

"You guys loved it, but what is the difference? I don’t understand what the difference is," she said.

Upon learning of Banks’ decision to lighten her skin, some of her fans took to Twitter to express their concern.

"I’m not going to attack Azealia Banks for wanting to bleach her skin. I’m gonna send good messages and hope she doesn’t end up like Lil Kim," one user wrote.

Another follower posted, "Isn’t it hilarious that Azealia Banks spent the last couple years insulting Iggy Azalea and white people and now she’s trying to become white."