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Mother visits Sharmila after 16 years

Statesman News Service |

Irom Sharmila, who recently ended her fast-unto-death, had a pleasant surprise on Friday when her aged mother, Sakhi, came to meet her after 16 years.

Sharmila said, "It was quite a surprise that my mother came to visit me after 16 years. She and my sister came to meet me."

Sharmila said that she explained her new strategy to demand repeal of the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act, 1958, from Manipur. 

It was not immediately known if her mother believed her. It is also not known what transpired during their talks. 

Reports say that her elder brother, Singhajit, had also come to visit her. But Sharmila said, "He did not meet me."

It was also reported that the family has not disowned her.

When Sharmila started her fast on November 4, 2000, for repeal of AFSPA, her mother blessed her and said she should return home only after accomplishing her mission.

When Sharmila ended her fast on August 9 all sections of people disowned her. She was not allowed to stay in any locality by the people. Eventually she had to return to the hospital room which has been her home for the last 16 years. The Indian Red Cross Society, Manipur branch, offered her accommodation. However she has not shifted there so far.

Sharmila has said that she wants to get married. She said she will join politics to become the next Chief Minister so that she could lift AFSPA. Even her close supporters, including Save Sharmila Organisation, have distanced themselves from her. She has slowly started taking solid food.