Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi has urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to provide central assistance of Rs.1,000 crore for taking up development activities for the minority community of the state.

In a letter to Prime Minister on Friday, Gogoi said "India is a pluralistic society, with convergence of people with diverse religious, cultural and linguistic backgrounds. The reflection of this diversity is manifest in the social fabric of Assam, where we have individuals of different communities living together."

He said both the central and the state governments have taken up a number of initiatives for all round development of the minority communities of Assam.

"Various schemes have been taken up by the state government for the benefit of the minority communities in the sectors like health, education, skill development, employment generation, electricity, water supply and sanitation, etc."

The Chief Minister pointed out there were still some gaps which needed to be bridged urgently for fostering the overall and all-inclusive development of the state.

"The state government has no doubt taken up a multi-pronged strategy to improve the conditions of the minorities, but this by itself is not enough. There are still areas of concern, which demand persistent attention," Gogoi said.

The CM urged the Centre to help and support the state government in fulfilling the avowed objective of achieving the all-inclusive growth and welfare of the minorities residing in the state.

Highlighting that a substantial population of the minority community in Assam resides in the Char areas, the riverine areas of the Brahmaputra, he said these areas were characterised by high population density, extreme poverty, illiteracy and lack of infrastructure, insecurity of livelihood and were often ravaged by floods and erosion.

In order to accelerate the process of development in these areas, the Centre was requested to take initiatives for reducing the geographical isolation by improving connectivity in these areas through improved road communication and river transport.

The Chief Minister said there was an urgent need for introduction of modern mechanised boats, setting up of raised earthen platforms for rescuing people and livestock during floods and other natural calamities, cattle shed and community hall in each Gaon Panchayat area.