The Assam government, in consultation with the Minimum Wages Advisory Committee, has revised the minimum rates of wages payable to workers employed in the Schedule Employments.

The highly skilled employees will get a minimum wage of Rs 450 per day and Rs 13,500 per month, skilled/ clerical to get Rs 350 per day and Rs 10,500 per month, semi skilled/ unskilled supervisory to get Rs 280 per day and Rs 8,400 per month and unskilled employees/ workers to get Rs 240 per day and Rs 7,200 per month respectively.

In addition to the revised rate of minimum wages, the workers/ employees shall be entitled to Variable Dearness allowance (VDA) at the rate of 100 per cent over the rise and fall of Index point in All India Consumer Price for Industrial Workers as on the date of effect of the revised rate of minimum wages and to be paid thereafter six monthly review basis, an official release said.