Assam Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal on Monday said teachers play a vital role in forging a mutually co-existent society through education which enlightens citizens to play a pioneering role in successful implementation of government schemes.

"The need of the hour is to underline the importance of a teacher in our social life as the teacher plays a pivotal role in forging a society based on mutual trust, harmony and camaraderie through education," Sonowal said speaking at the Teachers’ Day celebrations here.

"Education is the tool by which inter-ethnic and inter-community gaps can be bridged by bringing them at par.

Through education we can make enlightened citizens and for the successful implementation of our schemes enlightened citizens can play a pioneering role," he said.

Stating that through education administrative machinery can be made strong, responsive and corruption free, Sonowal said, "We are giving topmost priority to education and through education the much sought after change can be brought about in our state." 

The Chief Minister also emphasised on hard work, devotion and a value-based skill education which can bolster positive changes in Assam.

He said, "We need to build a society based on values, honesty and truthfulness. Education is the only means which can steer us to an Assam of our dream.

"On the occasion of the 55th Teachers’ Day today we need to take a pledge to make Assam an ideal state, a state which can place itself in the top five position in the country."