The Assam Assembly on Saturday witnessed ugly scenes with the Speaker adjourning the House twice after a BJP member made an "objectionable" remark against a Congress MLA.

When the situation did not improve and Congress MLA Sherman Ali Ahmed lay down on the floor of the House, Speaker Ranjeet Kumar Dass ordered the marshals to evict him along with his party colleague Abul Kalam Rasheed Alam.

The situation started turning ugly when BJP MLA Binanda Kumar Saikia raised the issue of encroachment of government land in his constituency Sipajhar.

Citing a Supreme Court judgement, he appealed the government to evict all "doubtful" encroachers from the area.

When Ahmed started talking against a blanket eviction, ruling party MLAs began shouting at him. BJP MLA Rama Kanta Dewri allegedly hurled ‘objectionable’ and ‘unparliamentary’ words at him.

The Speaker expunged all statements made after Saikia’s speech till resumption of the House after the second adjournment.

Ahmed and other Congress and AIUDF MLAs rushed to the Well of the House against the objectionable statement as well as the Speaker not allowing their objections to be recorded.

Ruling party MLAs also rushed to the Well and confronted the opposition MLAs, forcing the Speaker to adjourn the House for ten minutes.

Both sides continued to argue even after the adjournment and the Speaker left the House.

As soon as the House reassembled, Ahmed led the Congress and AIUDF MLAs again into the Well against the objectionable statement. This time too, ruling MLAs ran towards the Well to resist them.

BJP MLA Ashok Singhal came very close to Ahmed and shouted at him, which prompted the Speaker to ask the Chief Marshal to stand in between them.

Suddenly Ahmed lay down on the floor to the surprise of all, protesting against the objectionable word.

The Speaker then asked the marshals to clear the floor by evicting him from the House along with Alam and again adjourned the session for ten minutes.