The Arunachal Pradesh government is aiming at attracting outside investments by taking measures to improve law and order situation in the state and by fast-tracking infrastructure projects, Chief Minister Kalikho Pul said. 

Speaking to a delegation from Tezu-Sunpura constituency here Monday, Pul said the image of the state had taken "serious turn" in the past several years affecting the confidence of the investors. 

"We have to generate an impression that Arunachal is safe to do business. We must conduct ourselves in a way to boost investors’ confidence by bringing peace in our region," an official communiqu informed here Tuesday. 

"In the past, companies have been reportedly harassed in the name of donations, issuing threats for works," he said. 

Extending appeal to the people for cooperation, the Chief Minister said, "Peace is the pre-requisite for development". 

"People must cooperate with the authority in maintaining law and order. Don t encourage crimes by sheltering criminals in the name of relatives or community," Pul said. 

"We will provide all institutional support and legislative backing to attract investments. Also we will carry along all the stakeholders, all the democratic institutions and also reach out to oppositions," he said. 

Identifying Lohit-Anjaw-Namsai belt as the potential areas for investment, Pul said improved road connectivity in the region and a railway line up to Parashuram Kund are in the offing. 

He said a railroad in the region will facilitate much needed direct trade-link with the rest of the country, the communique said.