Arunachal Pradesh Governor Jyoti Prashad Rajkhowa on Sunday advocated for celebrating indigenous tribal festivals, which he said helps in preserving the age-old cultural treasure of the tribes.

Gracing the Dree festival of the Apatani tribe here, the Governor said festivals promote amity and people must whole heartedly participate in it.

"Celebration of indigenous festival showcases the rich cultural heritage and traditions of the tribe and helps in preserving the age-old cultural treasure.

"People must be encouraged to celebrate their festivals and efforts should be made to preserve and promote the folk dances and folk songs of all tribes of the state," he said.

Rajkhowa, who attended the first local festival after assuming office, was visibly delighted to see participants from different walks of life and from different communities.

"Festival encourages spirit of brotherhood among communities," he said and commended the festival committee and the community for their effort in preserving the cultural ethos of the tribe.

He lauded the Apatanis who were known for their indigenous paddy-cum-fish culture cultivation system.

"This practice is unique and is known to enhance ecological sustainability. It promotes conservation of water.

This is one of the valued cultures of the state," he added.