The National School of Drama has sponsored five shows of Abhinaya Se Satya Tak across Assam, to be performed by writer, director and actor Manoj Mishra.

The two-hour play shows the journey and turmoil of an actor through six famous dramas.

The actor finally gets peace with the help of Sufism and realises that acting should be based on life.

Mishra said he had shown the actor living the life through six plays — Romeo Juliet, Andha Yug, Ashadh Ka Ek Din, Oedipus, Bicchoo and Mrichchakatikam.

"We can give any name to the self enlightenment or consciousness. We can call it Parmatma or Ishwar or Allah or Satya. The actor finally finds the sense of almighty through his act," said the director-actor, who graduated from NSD.

As part of the NSD-sponsored project, the play will be enacted at Guwahati, Amaranga, Bakaliaghat, Tangla and Birkuchi this month, he added.

The music of ‘Abhinaya Se Satya Tak’ has been given by Saurabh, while light design is by Vishal.