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Winter diet: Gorge on greens, munch on nuts, and don’t forget water

Don’t skip exercise giving excuse of cold; at least one hour of workout is very important for blood circulation in the body.

Tapasya Mundhra | New Delhi |

Change in season, approaching winter can prove challenging as people generally fall sick with viral, cough, cold etc. When there is a shift in the weather, diet plays a major role. You should be careful while choosing your winter diet.

We can see a great variety of vegetables and fruits in the market now. Lots of greens like fenugreek leaves, spinach, dill, celery, coriander, amla, broccoli, cabbage, peas which provide us antioxidants are good source of Vitamin C, B complex, folate etc. These can help us fight the cold and uplift our immunity.

There are a lot of reds also like apple, carrots, red cabbage, red bell pepper etc. which have an excellent source of beta carotene that gets converted into Vitamin A in our body. The above mentioned vegetables and fruits are also a very good source of antioxidants.

You should also focus to increase Vitamin C levels by consuming oranges and amla. They help fight against any bacterial infection and will provide protection from cold and cough which come with the season.

In winter, our bodies crave for fats. So, we should be cautious while choosing the right source of fat. A usual mistake we do here is start mindlessly consuming junk confusing it with fat. Good source of fats are mixed seeds, avocado, nuts, which you should incorporate in your meals, so you don’t go searching for unnecessary foods. When we consume fats in limited portion, our skin is also taken care of and prevented from dryness.

The usual mistake most people do here is forget to drink water as it’s cold. But it’s the most important drink that should be consumed through the day. Water keeps our body and skin hydrated, prevents us from overeating and confusing thirst for hunger, and also protects us from various diseases.

Due to the cold weather, people tend to become lethargic, and even find the cold weather an excuse not to exercise. At least an hour of exercise is very important for blood circulation in the body, which will keep your body and mind both active.

Make friends who can be a part of your exercise routine, which would keep you motivated. You can also start playing a sport so that you can sweat it out. Massages can become a part of your weekly regime, as they improve your blood circulation and can get rid of body stiffness.

Staying warm, eating nutritious food will boost your immunity. We should also take care of hygiene. In this weather, people, especially children, usually avoid washing hands before eating. Remember, washing hands is absolutely must come what may to keep you away from all the allergies, as well as cough and cold.

Get a lot of sunshine by going to parks or walking in the morning hours. We can use this climate to get our dosage of Vitamin D, which is very important to build immunity. Also, absorb calcium through nuts. Eat peanuts around 11 am.

Make the most of this winter, by remaining healthy, being fit and dropping off a few pounds.

(Tapasya Mundhra is a nutritionist)