Pineapple lovers, here is a refreshing drink for you after the hard work that went into finishing the week’s work. This fabulous mocktail is coming your way to start the weekend in style and taste. Just add a touch of glamour to a cool weekend evenings at home.

Preparation Time: 15 minutes, Making Time:  15 minutes, Serves 8.


Chilled soda             6 bottles (300 ml)
Vanilla Ice cream     0.5 ltr brick

Ingredients for the syrup: 

Water                                        2 cups
Sugar                                         1.5 cups
Pineapple essence                  3-4 tea spoon
Few drops of yellow colour   1 tea spoon
Lemon juice                              4 tea spoon

How to make:

To prepare syrup, boil sugar and water together for five minutes.

Remove from the fire and keep aside to get cool.

Add pineapple essence, yellow colour and lemon juice in it.

Mix well and refrigerate the syrup to chill.

How to serve:

Take a tall glass and put 4-5 tablespoon of syrup in it.

Put one scoop of ice cream and stir gently.

Add one more ice cream scoop in it.

Pour chilled soda on the top of the second scoop and serve with a tail spoon.

What are you waiting for? Get ready to celebrate the Independence Day with this delicious mind blowing drink in a complete non-alcoholic way and hydrate yourself while flying kites under the sun. Sink in the colourful soda and enjoy.