Every New Year brings with it the opportunity for a reboot which is much required by one and all. There are thousand and one different ways to bring in the New Year, but nothing truly beats the feeling of planning to travel and then finally exploring a new destination. An unexplored place is often what we need to rekindle our want for life. Hitting the pause button and embarking on an adventure to a new place before you head back to your daily chores puts your mind in the right spot. Hence, amidst stressful situations, hectic deadlines and long hours at work striking a bond with a new destination is always a rewarding experience.

Travelling also makes people excellent storytellers which is what makes the journey even more special. Here we have come up with the top four destinations worldwide which promise an engrossing cultural experience in 2019.


Shanghai Skyline at Dusk
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China evokes a sense of amazement, wonder and fascination. It allures people worldwide to their delicious food, stunning architecture, temples and numerous monasteries.

Irrespective of whether you love history or not you will be in for a lot of rich cultural heritage which will engulf you. China has alternate shades to its existence right from the bustling crowd to peaceful and high terraneous locations. The crisp mountain air and the effects of the altitude, makes you feel like you have arrived somewhere truly extraordinary. Now if you are a philotherian by heart and soul  Giant Pandas are bound to keep you hooked for hours. Whilst China is known for a lot of attractions it has also been the hub of gadgets of all shapes and sizes. If you are a person who eats, sleeps and repeats gadgets, China has the most amazing collection of gadgets lined up for your shopping bag.


Dubai, UAE.
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A place where every building reaches the sky and a cosmopolitan in true sense where old meets the new. Dubai has such a charm that it witnesses repeat visits from tourists, clearly one of the most loved cities of all time. The fact that it is one of the most vibrant tourist hubs across the world makes it to one of our top choices on this list. Dubai’s most loved theme park, the Warner Bros theme park attracts kids and adults alike.

Old Dubai is definitely a must visit where you will witness the city’s striking skyline but also change your perception of the city which is beyond constructions. Visiting a traditional souk is an incredible way to have a real understanding of local people and their lives. It’s a haven for all things like intricately designed bags, fabrics and pillowcases, which please the human sense. While you are shopping at the world’s one of the most favourite destinations don’t forget to unleash your bargaining skills while you are in for jewellery shopping.


Chinatown in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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Malaysia unravels a unique travel experience that is much different from what other places have to offer. It has the capability to trigger wanderlust for anyone who wishes to explore this visual journey of nature, islands and sci-fi cityscapes.

It is a colorful metropolis where every culture, religion, and taste smash together to form a new modern Asia! Profoundly known for its beaches, rainforests and cultural influences from the Malays, Chinese, Indians and Europeans, Malaysia gives you an excellent visual narrative.

Wake up to the natural sounds of chirping birds and dreamy daylight at Adena Beach Resort an OYO property which is situated at Mukim. Absorb this country slowly and enjoy the culture, food, lifestyle and take the offbeat path which would traverse to places waiting to be explored. We say unlearn to learn.



Arambol beach, Goa
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The pristine blue with golden sand is what pops up in your mind when you think of the destination Goa, isn’t it? But beyond the beaches is a place which has more to reveal about itself rather than the usually known hotspots. It is one of the most westernized and an easy going state whereby offering all kinds of spaces to engage, relax and unwind.

Goa is not only specific to people who are adventure junkies, but also caters to those who like to disconnect from the social world and pamper themselves with some ‘me-time’. Goa has dominated the bucket list of every single person since long for the sheer overarching diversity it wraps up as a place. Be it the architecture walks at Reis Magos Goa or the Portuguese villas and homes, every single bit of Goa has a rich essence of history. You may not be familiar with the nuances of the local language yet you won’t have a difficult time navigating your way in the city. One of the places to shop for souvenirs at-  Mario Miranda’s gallery. An iconic Goan cartoonist and illustrator, his shops are spread across four places in Goa which boast of quirky localised satirical and descriptive art forms.

Time to take your travel kit along and make a dash to your favourite destination.