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Tis the season of poinsettias!

The very mention of Poinsettia brings in the joyous feeling of Christmas.

Deepa Gupta | New Delhi |

With Christmas just round the corner, the air is filled with pretty things and the joy of the season. And, the gorgeous and vibrant poinsettias are in full bloom. The very mention of the name of this Chritsmas flower brings in the joyous feeling of the season. From yellow to shades of red, these short bloom give an eclectic touch to your festive decorations. Apart from adding colour to your decorations, poinsettias also serve as a good gifting option. Although introducing them in the garden is not difficult, tending to them for the perfect bloom at Christmas time is quite a task.
Below are some tips for growing poinsettia and maintaining them for the perfect Christmas bloom:

  • Choose a stem that is strong and healthy with lots of colourful bracts. 
  • Choose an area in your garden or pick a medium sized pot for your plant.
  • Maintain ideal temperature and moisture for fuller growth of the plant.
  • Keep the plant in a moderate temperature. It should be kept in indirect sunlight for six to eight hours daily.
  • Water the plant thoroughly only when the soil becomes completely dry.
  • Drain the excess water that does not get absorbed by the soil after 15 minutes.
  • Feed it with organic fertiliser every two weeks.
  • The best time to sow the plant is in May so that it can bloom well at the desired time of Christmas.
  • From May to September, you can keep the plant outdoors. Bring them indoors when the temperature begins to fall.
  • In the months of September and October, the plant should be placed in the shade.
  • As November comes, poinsettia should start blossoming. Once it starts flowering, keep the plant outdoors in indirect sunlight. Water it as usual, and let it bloom well.