You have heard all that talk about the secrets to a long marriage, but do you hold the key to it? Or, do you believe long lasting marriage is a beautiful thing of the past?

In this fast-paced unbridled life of today, driven by high technology, gadgets and social networking,  where societal norms is losing grip and flaunting privates lives and every little thing you do seem to matter on social media platforms. the world has seen so many tie-ups and break-ups in marriages and all types of relationship.

In the process of social change brought about by advanced technology, relationships, especially between couples, seem to be hanging on the edge of glory. The once glorified relationship of couples sanctified and sealed by marriage may be the hardest hit. Break-ups and extra-marital affairs now has no boundary. While the talk of it may thrive only in gossip corners, the ills have long pervaded the society.

However, thanks to a few saving grace of life, culture and traditions. We still find relationships that last as long.

Of course, there are secrets to a long lasting marriage or relationships.

One of the secrets of long marriage as recently revealed by actress Catherine Zeta-Jones, who is married to actor Michael Douglas, is “listening to each other”. The actress says “listening to one another” is the secret to her long-lasting marriage to the actor. the couple married in 2000.

Be kind, nice and listen

Catherine believes “being kind, being nice, having your listening ears” is the key to a marriage that last.

The 47-year-old actress married Douglas, who is much older to her. Douglas is now 71. Despite the big age gap, the two share a beautiful relationship and have two children together – son Dylan, 17 and daughter Carys, 14.

Listening to each other helps to understand each other better and leads to acceptance of each other’s flaws and situation.

Being kind and nice, of course, helps to listen better and leads to forgiveness that bends and mends any relationships.

“Listen”, it’s as simple as that!

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