Independence Day is here again bringing with it the bright Indian sky speckled with tricolour and multi-coloured kites. Why not? On this day, we won our freedom and nothing can match these stringed machines to express the zest of liberty.

These days kite flying has become more a symbol of fun and social integration across generations, families and friends. Though it may be only a fun activity for the young blood, but the tradition continues in one or another way.

In India, at the time of Simon Commission (1927), Indian patriotic used kites as a medium of protest. ‘Go back Simon’ was the slogan in the protest and it was written over every kite that was flown high in the sky. Today also with the unfurling of Tiranga (the tricolour Indian national flag) Indians especially Delhites indulge themselves in kite flying to express their love for nation. One can see people irrespective of age, sex, caste or creed on the terraces and in the open areas in most parts of Delhi admiring kite flying.

Kite is a way to ride nature’s current to touch the heights of the sky beautifully. It is believed that this art dates back at least three thousand years. Originally came from China, it has become a famous sport in many parts of the world. In India too, it has become an inseparable part of many festivities. Independence Day takes a lead among all other festivals in North India with the sky becoming colourful in no time on this day. Kite flying competitions is the main attraction of the celebration. Terrace parties are organised with yummy food and Bollywood music playing in the background. The cheerful shouts as the kites soar in the sky fill the hearts with great ecstasy.

The capital’s oldest yet biggest kite market is Lal Kuan in Chandni Chowk. Kites of varied shapes, sizes and colours along with reeling spindles tightly wound with manja (a thread used to hoist the kites) are displayed and sold here at best prices. Crowds gather here to buy kites according to their personal preferences. Though big or small, cheap or costly, mono chromatic or brightly coloured kites flood the market, yet tricoloured ones remain the all-time favourite. Apart from the usual tricoloured kites, a new type of large yet light-weight kites made of plastic called tabey are in demand like hot cakes. They are easy on pocket as well. You can also do online shopping of kites.

There are many venues for Delhites to enjoy kite flying sessions on this special day. Don’t get upset if you don’t have any space at or near your house to fly kites. The popular kite flying zones not only accommodate the locals but also draw people from other parts of the nation coming down to fly kites.

Hot spots to fly kites on 15th August in Delhi:

Kite Flying


There is an old haveli in the middle of old Delhi that serves as the perfect spot for kite flying lovers. Famous as Dharampura Haveli, it hosts two sessions of kite flying. One that is in afternoon from 12 pm to 3 pm is accompanied with lunch which you have to pay for. Another kite flying session is offered with high tea and the timings are 4 pm to 6 pm. It is also on paid basis. The haveli is surrounded by Gurudwara Shish Ganj, Jama Masjid and Red Fort. Apart from thousands of kites in the sky, you can cherish the beauty of these historical monuments from the rooftop of Dharampura Haveli.

India Gate always holds its charm when it comes to kite flying sessions. Independence Day is the perfect occasion to have annual picnics along with kite flying gatherings here. With the flag fluttering in the air, Central Park, Connaught Place is another hotspot to get into the mood of flying kites. After flying kites here, you can enjoy the eateries in CP to satisfy your hungry tummy.

You can pick a spot in Lodhi Garden too to enjoy kite flying. It’s going to be swamped with people, so all you need to find a place for yourself. After your flying session gets over, you can head to Khan Market to relish tasty foods and drinks.

Last but not the least is Nehru Park. You can make a programme of kite flying picnic here and then explore the eateries at nearby Sarojini Nagar market.

Embrace this spectacular array of grandeur and splendour with fun-filled heart and soul. You will feel enchanted seeing colourful kites dotting the Delhi sky. Embellish your walls and windows with decorative mini kites.

Score the best kite flying marks – go rule the sky with your great skill, striking kites and sturdy manja.