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Kick the killer butt out of your life!

Deepa Gupta | New Delhi |

Tobacco is an addiction for many people, dragging them slowly to death. Although it is clearly written on every tobacco packet that it is ‘Injurious to health’, many people love this poison. Once hooked to it, smokers become physically, mentally and emotionally dependent on this hazardous product like it is their lifeline.

Tobacco enters your bloodstream from mouth or nose. It is then carried to all body parts, affecting the lungs, heart, hormones and blood vessels. When addicted to it, it is difficult to quit smoking or any other form of tobacco. But it is not impossible! Besides medication and medical treatment, follow natural remedies to kick tobacco out of your precious life.

The first and foremost thing is to prepare your mind and heart with a firm resolution to quit smoking. If you firmly decide to remove this toxin, nothing can stop you achieving your worthy goal. The two most important things are self-examination and dedication.

Join meditation classes. To attain positive energy while trying to get rid of tobacco, you may start meditation under the supervision of an expert. It may make your mind and heart stronger to quit tobacco for good.

Make yoga a part of your lifestyle. Anulom vilom pranayama, Udgeeth pranayama, Bhujangasana, Vajrasana and Shalabhasana are very effective asanas to acquire full energy to free yourself from tobacco.

At least 30-45 minutes of moderate physical workout can help ease your craving for tobacco. It may make you physically and mentally more stable. You may join a gym or simply go for walks or jogging in an open park. It will bring you closer to nature. You may include some deep breathing exercises inhaling fresh air and stretching followed by a body spa.

Go herbal. Drink green tea in place of milk tea and coffee. Drink plenty of water. It’s favourable to substitute plain water with lemon water or warm water boiled with cumin seeds. Chewing two leaves of Holy basil twice a day may reduce the desire for tobacco. You may chew few carom seeds or mulethi whenever you feel the urge to smoke. All these herbal remedies may give an extra boost to detoxify your body and heal it speedily.

When you try quitting tobacco, you may start nauseating. To combat this, you may have ginger in any form like ginger tea or ginger tablets. It may also stop your tobacco craving.

Be strict with your diet. Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables and fibrous foods. Green veggies, legumes, sprouts, fibrous roots like radish and whole grains should be a must in your diet. You may also include foods rich in iron, protein and vitamin A, C and E. Eggs, meat and fish are good to get healthier faster. Multivitamin tablets are also virtuous to combat your addiction and giving strength to your body to fight with this wrong habit. Though you’ll be tempted towards fast or junk food but say completely ‘no’ to them. They’ll only be an obstacle in conquering your aim. Drink a glass of fresh grape juice daily without adding sugar. The acids in grape juice are natural detoxifiers and may rejuvenate your system, curbing desire for tobacco.

Whenever you feel the urge for tobacco products, shift over to non-tobacco harmless alternatives like hard candies, sugarless gums and sunflower seeds etc. they’re safe to chew.

You’re blessed with a beautiful life. Don’t spoil it with unwanted things. Contribute to making this world a better place to live in.