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Pamper yourself with the luxurious touch of quality towels

Available in different colours and sizes, towels are essential accessories in a bathroom.

Deepa Gupta | New Delhi |

Think about the best towel you have ever used. What comes to your mind? Yes, they are quite possibly one of the most important items that everyone uses every single day to keep the body dry and clean after every wash. Quality towels are a must have for everyone. Available in different colours, patterns and sizes, towels are essential accessories in a bathroom. Make sure you buy quality towels, keeping few things in mind.

Absorbency – Cotton or terry towels are the most efficient water absorbent. Never buy synthetic towels. They obstruct absorbency.

Fabric – Choose the ones which are made of long cotton fibre and are soft and velvety to touch. Egyptian cotton and Pima cotton offers luxurious feel and look.

Drying time – It should dry fast so as to avoid dampness. Check for the time it takes to air or sun-dry.

Weight – The weight of towel is measured in GSM (Grams per square meter). The higher the density of the fabric (GSM) is, the superior will be the quality.

Size – They come in different sizes for different purposes – bath towels, face towels and hand towels. Select a size keeping in mind it's use, and your body size for bath towels. It should be large enough to wrap you properly.

Colour – The colour of your towel should be inviting. You can match its hue with your bathroom décor.

Design – Towels are among accessories that can be the focal point of your bathroom. Choose an appealing design that goes well with the colour and patterns of the bathroom wall and decor.

Care – If cared properly, bathing towels can last longer with freshness. Always wash a new towel before first use. In the first wash, add a cup of vinegar in your washing machine to retain the colour and prevent fading of dark shades. Dry them on low heat setting of the dryer. Strong heat can damage their fibres. Use gentle care detergents to keep them soft and fluffy for long duration. Do not overload the machine while washing towels. They will not become clean and the detergent will also not get rinsed properly. Always wash white towels in hot water. They can also be bleached occasionally to remove the tough stains. Coloured towels should be washed in warm water. Never use fabric softener on towels as it contains silicon. It deteriorates the quality and the absorbency.

Only quality towels live up to their promises. Don’t hesitate to spend some extra money on buying them. You will save much more money in future with their long time newness.