Adding a bright and cosy throw on your sofa or lighting candles can add warmth to your home, suggest interior design experts.

Adetee Sawhaney, Principal Designer, Altus Interio, and Ashish Gupta, Director, Inliving, have shared tips:

* Bright and cosy throws: Winter is the finest time to pamper yourself with spongy, cozy and comfy textiles and textures. Throw in some nice cushions and throws on your sofas and chaises made of wool, faux fur or even velvet. It will give a warm feeling.

Use soft and fluffy fabrics.

* Plush rugs for the floor: Do not walk on the cold floor. Add a few rugs and carpets that not only keep your feet warm, but also bring in colour and character. Choose those carpets only that fit the style and shade scheme of your home.

* Warm colours for the walls: Painting is another way to beat winter blues. Most of us cannot make major changes to furnishings ahead of every season, and hence a simple paint job does the trick.

* Bring in lots of candles: Add natural accents and lots of candles to light up the place. Candles play an important role in bringing warm and romantic feel to the space.