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How to keep your woollens as good as new

Deepa Gupta | New Delhi |

Winter–a cold season that brings with it warmth and joy. And, time to pull out those rich and woolly winters wears like unearthing a long hidden treasure. Some of those rich fur and leather jackets, shawls or pullovers could be quite expensive, delicate and need to be maintained carefully. To retain their originality and charm, we have to handle them with tender care from storing them in summers till pulling them out in winter season and using them. Here are few tips to preserve their freshness and warmth so as to use them year after year.
As the winter season begins, after taking out your woollens from a packing, arrange them in a moisture free, well-ventilated place. Hang your coats and jackets buttoned upon hangers in a clean wardrobe. Shawls and stoles must also be hung tidily in the cupboard.
Fold the sweaters neatly and place them in small piles in the wardrobe.
Never handle your cupboard of woollen clothes with wet or dirty hands.
The delicate woolens not only need to be kept with care but they also need to be worn with utter love and affection. Handle them with care while being worn. Do not stretch them or tie them on your body when not worn. It loosens their size.
Take extra precaution while eating to avoid stains on your woollen clothing. Try to avoid their exposure to dirt and dust while being worn.
Do not spray perfume directly on woollens. It invites moth.
Clean your woollen clothes strictly according to the instructions written on them. Be it hand wash or dry clean, it should be up to the mark. If washing at home, use gentle washing liquid soap. Do not squeeze them hard to drain excess water. Never use machine dryers to dry them. Dry them in sunlight spreading them on flat surface. Hanging them wet may distort their shape.
All woollens need to be gently washed or dry cleaned before they are packed away for summer season.
Enjoy winter with your favourite winter clothing.