Home sweet home. Make it beautiful. While taste and choice differs, a beautiful house should provide both beauty and comfort. And, a blend of both traditional and modern design can give the warmth of the old and the cool contemporary feel.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when doing up the interior of a house.

Flooring: Whichever material you use for the floor, go for neutral colour. Wooden flooring is traditional as well as trendy while marble and granite flooring is ideal for transitional style.

Rugs and carpets: Soft coloured Berber carpets and Persian rugs are popular. Choose a colour that goes with the rest of the furnishing and upholstery.

Walls: Off-white walls and ceiling can give a decent blend of the old and new.

Fireplace: Give your traditional fireplace a dash of bold colour paint that will make it stand out against the wall.

Windows and doors: Old windows, trims and doors can add an old-fashioned vibe to modern homes.

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Furniture: The harmonious shades of colours ranging from white to deep chocolate tones for wooden furniture are used in transitional designs.  Antique furniture with contemporary lighting can beautify the transitional area glamorously.  Pairing up ancient wooden dining table with ultra-modern chairs is a good option. Lavish antiques thrown together with high-end modern furniture makes an interesting mix for modern homes.

Upholstery: Neutral tones of plain sofa and dining chair fabrics create a good fusion of traditional and modern themes. Accent your décor with the curtains of the same colour. You can opt for floor-to-ceiling curtains in traditional drape style with modern graphic prints. Sheer curtains and blinds are also quite popular.

Signature accessories: Break up the white spaces with colourful and elegant art pieces. Tasteful signature ornaments, quality bowls, vases, platters, carved wooden or metallic pieces, cushions, candle stands and lamp shades, etc. are good to fuse modern and traditional furnishings. You can make luxurious and elegant accessories as a part of your modern home. They should be displayed in a simple arrangement.

Lights:  Replace traditional chandeliers with modern light fittings.

Fresh flowers:  Fresh blooms in a glass vase always add a lovely refreshing touch to your dream house.

This timeless and innovative style can add a dash of sophistication to your world. You can make your home stylish and comfortable with the flavour of both ancient and modern times.