Have you been suffering from a prolonged poor health condition? Probably, you are in a bad relationship and you need to get out of it to regain your health. Yes, you have a choice – to stay or quit.

Man cannot live by bread alone and he cannot live alone either as he is a social animal and the product of a relationship.  Hence, relationships are essential part of his life. And a healthy relationship matters. So if you are in a bad relationships, of any kind, you should get out of it, more so, for the sake of your health, experts advise.

Many young people today, even before they come of age, are in a relationship.  Often, they are falling in and out of love. Moving in and out of relationships is now common among the young people.

While good relationships boost physical and mental health for young people, many suffer from bouts of depression owing to problematic friendships or relationships, resulting in health complications.  Hence, experts say that the faster they get out of low-quality relationships, the better their health.

“Low-quality relationships are detrimental to health,” said Ashley Barr, Assistant Professor at University at Buffalo in New York, in a study published in Journal of Family Psychology.

The findings of the study suggest that “it’s better for health to be single than to be in a low-quality relationship,” she said.

The longer people are in good relationships, or the faster they get out of bad relationships, the better their health, the study states.

What matters is being in a happy state of mind.

“It’s not being in a relationship that matters; it’s being in a long-term, high-quality relationship that’s beneficial,” Barr said.

So if you are in a happy relationship, thank your star. If you are in a bad one, probably you need to get out of it to regain your health. Remember, your health is more important than being in a relationship. Life is short and precious. Working on a relationship is important. However, if things aren’t working out, clinging on to a bad or unhealthy relationship isn’t a good choice.

It’s easier said than done. But no matter how tough it is to pull away from a long relationship, you must find the courage to free yourself from the shackles of doom. To be on your own and healthy is more important than suffering for life for the sake of being in a relationship. Did they say avoid bad company? Yes, avoid bad relationships.