Springtime is the king of the seasons for its mild and pleasant weather across much of India. It begins after mid-February and ends in April. This time of the year is not only the time for some important Hindu festivals but also for watching green and colourful nature because of the blooming trees and flowers. The spring season will start from next month and it is the ideal time to prepare for sowing the seeds to dress your home in a variety of bright blooms that can add a major personality to your space.

Are you looking forward to your spring planting spree? Spring flowers are a great option if you like to keep your garden in full bloom in the coming season. If you are hunting for the gorgeous flowers to spruce up your garden/home space, consider these blooms that tend to grow fast in spring and usually flower throughout the entire season.

African Daisy: African daisies are cheerful flowers that bloom for a long time and can add a fun pop of colour to your garden. They need full sun and well-drained soil to grow well. Hued with vibrant beautiful colours, the magical flowers are an excellent choice for scattering vivid colours in your garden.

Dianthus: These fragrant blooms look lovely with beautiful blue-green foliage. Soaked in bright pink colour, they are popularly known as “Pinks”. Dianthus needs full sun or partial shade and well-drained soil. They radiate gardens with unique flair through their powerful colours. These flowers are perfect for beds, rock gardens, window containers and borders. The sweet-spicy fragrance of the flower has an undertone of cloves and cinnamon and due to this fragrance, they are also called sweet William.

Pansy: Pansies are classic spring garden blooms which stay smiling in many flower enthusiasts’ homes throughout the spring season. They require full sun and moist or well-drained soil to grow well. Pansies come in a wide range of rainbow colours which steal the hearts of many. The colourful flowers with faces symbolise happiness of mind and heart. Pansy has two overlapping petals, one bottom petal and two side petals.

Peonies: Peonies, the all-time favourite flowers are in full bloom during springtime. They perfectly set in your garden floral arrangement. Look for gorgeous pink and pastel tones to serve as the perfect pop of colour amongst any backdrop. These flowers bring incredible beauty and can thrive in any part of the country. The pleasant fragrance of the flower indicates that spring has arrived.

Rose: Spring season produces some of the most stunning varieties of rose flower. Hued in pink, yellow, white and many more colours, they perfectly speak the season. Grow them in your spring garden for an added dose of glamour. Roses come in an array of bright colours – all you need to brighten up your garden after a dull winter. Besides the ornamental usage, the petals can be dropped in glass containers filled with water to spread a pleasing fragrance around every corner of your house. Roses can elevate your garden to new levels of beauty and enjoyment.

Lilac: The sweet-smelling flower brings instant vibrancy to any floral garden. The pretty purple shade is ideal for springtime and looks stunning when paired with any number of white flowers. Grow them to adorn your spring garden – a fine way to decorate your home this spring. Lilac flowers come in seven colours and are available in different phases of spring from early to mid and late. Different varieties can give you steady blooms throughout the season. These are low-maintenance fragrant flowers and attract butterflies too.

Tulip: Grow tulips to make your garden gorgeous this spring season. These stunners make for a fabulous centre of attraction in any home whether they are grown in pots or garden. The flowering plant grows from bulbs. The star-shaped flowers grow on single stalk amidst the leaves. The leaves have a waxy coating and are alternately grown. Usually, tulips produce only one flower per stem but you can see some species producing multiple flowers in the season.

Magnolia: Magnolias are the height of elegance, as far as spring flowers are concerned. Their height and colour make them ideal for a minimalistic floral arrangement in your garden. In the world of flowers, white, magnolia flowers represent perfection and purity whereas pink magnolia flowers stand for the joyous innocence of youth.

Daffodil: This flower has six petals arranged in a trumpet-shaped corona. The colour of the flower is usually white or yellow but orange and pink varieties can also be spotted at some botanical centres. They have a powerful appeal for them in the spring season.

Allium: Allium is definitely going to add the kind of beauty and the ornamental value to your spring garden with which you will fall in love. These flowers are available in rainbow colours, from white to yellow and from signature violet to pink.

So get prepared to bring a dash of colour and positivity with early spring blooms that promise to bring you brightness and lift up your mood after a long and dark spell of winters.

Flowers and seasons are intimately bound to each other. Most of the flowers are season-specific. Spring is the time for a wide range of brightly hued flowers. Come spring season, numerous flowers make their way back to our gardens and homes. Make sure your flowers can endure the threat of frost if you choose to plant early spring flowers.

Whether you choose to adorn your home by planting flowers in pots or in your garden bed, utilising these stunning spring blooms will instantly liven up your space and help you to fully celebrate the season.