Festive time is back and soon it will be puja time – time to visit great pandals of joy and celebrations across the city. This time, apart from all pomp and show, the city would witness high fashion and glam at different pandals and celebration of a different kind.

Puja organisers in the city are gearing up to fashion festive celebration in a new way. They are prepping up a grander affair of not only food, song, dance and drama, but also high fashion and designs. It is not models who will flaunt the designer creations. Deities will be seen in designer costumes.

Big budget puja organisers are planning to glam up the coming festivals in the most fashionable manner. They are checking out big names in the fashion industry to glam up the deities.

Several fashion designers, according to PTI, are designing glamourous costumes of deities.

Tejas Gandhi is designing costumes for the deity of ‘Samaj Sebi Sangha Puja’. He is designing costumes of Kartik, Ganesh, Lakshmi and Saraswati as well as the demon Mahishasur.

What he says: My costume will be a perfect blend of purity of nature and the richness of life and in sync with ‘Sobujer Obhijan'(quest for green) theme of the puja this year.

Puja organiser: The interior of the puja pandal will be adorned with beautiful craftwork relevant to Sobujer Obhijan which aims at generating awareness among the parents about providing an affectionate upbringing of their children.

Sharbari Datta is designing costumes for the ‘Lala Bagan’ Sarbojanin Durga Puja

What she says: The theme of the puja is ‘Shunya (void)’.

Agnimitra Paul is designing costumes of the deities of Santosh Mitra Square Puja.

What she says: The saree of Goddess Durga is made of gold with zari work embossed in between. I sketched the entire design and now it is being given shape by a reputed jewellery brand. The dresses of the other idols and Mahisasura are fabric-based and I am making them lively, not dull but at the same time, traditional.

“We are not breaking from tradition, but making the dresses more appealing, sartorially more elegant in an understated manner. Each one’s dress will be different from the other in terms of colour but I will heavily draw from the ‘sabeki’ (traditional) concept,” the designer said.

With preparations in full swing, Delhiites would soon witness glam celebrations of traditional festivals.