With wedding bells ringing all around, wedding rings and engagement rings become the talk of the couples to be. While it is a thrilling thought and topic, looking for the best design and shopping for one could be quite a task. However, all the time an effort put into it is worth the while as it sets your journey together with your partner to be.

The market has a wide range of designs and several jewellery shops that sells the latest trends to choose from, but solitaire and diamond that are timeless pick. Solitaire rings look elegant on both men and women.

Cherish this wedding season and the special moment of exchanging exquisite engagement rings. New styles and designs are many. Some of the trendy ones are:

A plain band in platinum or gold with small diamond studs for the man or a carved one with diamonds studded around a circular solitaire for the woman.

Diamond ring with assortment of rubies are also in trend. You can experience the combo of retro and fashionable sensation wearing them.

One can also choose a fancy cut ring or a cushion cut diamond in the centre with small pear shaped diamonds on both the sides.

Pear shaped diamond rings with dazzling diamond band gives a supreme aura.

The cushion cut ring with round shape solitaire in the centre or square edges looks sophisticated and glamorous.

The double ring band with two different rich diamond settings on each has a noticeable charm around it.

Solitaires and diamonds can be bound on a gold, silver or platinum band. Pick the one that can be your special style statement.