Diwali the festival of lights is here! The excitement can be seen throughout the country as people prepare to celebrate this festival withnbsp;deliciousnbsp;sweets and crackers. Despite the fact that crackers have been known to cause high levels of pollution the enthusiasm to burst them hasnrsquo;t really gone down. However while the excitement is justified one should never get carried away and risk one’s own as well as othersrsquo; life at risk as these crackers have the potential to cause damage to life and property. So as to avoid any mishaps while dealing with the firecrackers here are some safety tips to be kept in mind: –


Wear Cotton Clothes- Light cotton material with closed footware is advisable on the day as it would reduce the chances of getting injured.


Adult Supervision- Children should always burst crackers under the watchful eyes of the adults and should not be left alone lest they get careless.


Open Space- Crackers should always be burnt in open spaces and away from wires electricity poles and other inflammable materials.Water and Sand- A bucket of water and sand should be kept nearby while bursting crackers.


Safe distance- A safe distance should be maintained while dealing with crackers and should never be burnt while in hand as it may explode and cause injuries.


Pets Elders and babies- High levels of noise and air pollution are the major irritants for pets young kids and elderly people. They should be made comfortable and should not be exposed to the firecrackers as it may be injurious for their general health. Pets are specially known to get traumatised during the festival and it should be made sure that they are not locked in for long hours without any supervision.


Firecrackers- The firecrackers should always be kept in boxes and not kept loose.nbsp;In case of accidents-Keep the emergency contact numbers ready.First aid kit should be always nearby.


Water bucket and sand should be available before hand.In case fire sparkles get into the eye medical help should be taken immediately.Apart from the first aid no other medical administration should be given in case of burns with a consulting a medical practitioner as it may worsen the case.