The first diyas of Diwali are lighted and the hope of health wealth peace and prosperity marks the festival–Dhanteras. Dhanteras celebrated two days before Diwali that is the 13th lunar day of the Krishna paksh in the month of Kartik is wholly devoted to goddess Lakshmi.


The goddess of wealth and prosperity is worshipped along with Lord Ganesha. Lord Ganesha becomes the part of the prayers because every auspicious celebration is incomplete without adoring the elephant headed God in Hindu mythology. Lord Kuber is also worshipped as he is treated as a bestower of riches. People donrsquo;t leave any chance to benefit themselves with the treasure of wealth.


The custom is to purchase some valuable metallic things according to one’s affordability on this auspicious day. People buy from steel utensils to gold coins silver coins jewellery and other new things to fulfil the ritual and gratify Deity Lakshmi. The aim behind purchasing new metals is to invite the wealthy goddess to home with a belief that she will continue coming to home the whole year like the day of Dhanteras. The Hindu priests even take out the time shubh muhurat for pooja ceremony on this festival.


There is an interesting belief behind celebrating this festival. It is believed that a long ago gods and demon stirred the ocean to take out lsquo;Amritrsquo;. After few days Lord Vishnu came out on the day of Dhanteras with a container of the elixir. This belief may be a myth but everybody celebrates this lucky day with great excitement.


People clean and decorate their houses and business premises with diyas candles flowers and rangoli. More emphasis is given to decorate the entrance gates with beautiful door hangings to welcome the Goddess. Small footprints of Maa Lakshmi going into one’s house are drawn. The footprint stickers are also available in the market.


The first diyas of Diwali are lighted on this day to start with the festive mood. In the evening Lakshmi poojan is done. Delicious sweets are offered to goddess Lakshmi. Some people even keep fast for the full day to please the goddess. They break their fast in the evening after the pooja.


In the past few years people are becoming more passionate and enthusiastic about this propitious festival. The festival is believed to drive away all the negativity and sufferings from home. It brings a positive hope in people’s life.


The celebration of the festival is an expression of the desire to attain health wealth peace and prosperity. Celebrate this festival and try out your luck too. Happy Dhanteras. May goddess Lakshmi shower possessions of health fortune and happiness on all.