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Ten effective home remedies for dengue fever

Some home remedies of fruit juices are reported to be quite effective for dengue treatment. Know all about it.

Deepa Gupta | New Delhi |

Dengue fever menace has caused quite a few deaths in Delhi.  In fact, the city has recorded nearly 4,000 cases of dengue fever this season, according to civic agencies on Monday.

At least 680 fresh cases of dengue fever were reported in the city in the first week of October, according to a report by civic authorities. And this vector borne disease caused by a mosquito-named Aedes Aegyptis continue to hit the city and the number of cases continue to rise. Areas under the South Delhi Municipal Corporation reported the maximum cases of dengue this year, the civic agencies said.

While medical treatment may not be inaccessible to all, the patient should be given home cures. Some natural home remedies for dengue are said to be effective.

First, note the symptoms

A dengue patient suffers from prolong fever, rashes on the skin, fatigue, severe headache, muscular pain, joint ache, pain behind the eyes, nausea and vomiting.

The platelet level goes down severely when the fever is high, which may lead to excessive internal bleeding that could be fatal. If you suffer from these symptoms, visit your doctor immediately.

And the treatment: Ten homemade remedies for dengue fever

Aloe Vera juice

aloe vera gel
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The fall in platelet level leads to fall in amino acid. So to increase platelet count and amino acid, drink aloe vera juice twice a day and fight off the fever.


Pomegranate juice

Pomegranate Juice
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Pomegranate has strong anti-oxidants which can increase the platelet level. This juice can help to produce lymphocytes and strengthen the immune system of the body. Drink this juice twice or thrice a day and feel better day by day.


Papaya leaves juice

Papaya leaves
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The juice of fresh papaya leaves is also said to effectively fight dengue virus. Take two tablespoon of this juice twice a day and recover fast from the disease. Never boil or cook the leaves to get the juice. Otherwise all the dengue fighting ingredients will get destroyed.


Goat milk

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Deficiency of selenium mineral and decrease in platelet count are the main complication of dengue. Goat’s milk is one of the richest source of selenium as compared to milk of cow and sheep. It is also found to help with the digestive and metabolic utilisation of various minerals which are good to fight dengue virus.


Neem leaves juice

Neem leaves
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The juice of neem leaves increase white blood cells and blood platelet count in the body. So a person infected with dengue virus should take it twice a day. It also boosts the immunity level of the body.


Guava juice

Guava juice
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Guava juice mixed with little honey has shown good results in fighting the disease. Drink it at least once in a day for fast recovery. It tastes good too and will soothe the taste buds of the patient with its sweetness.


Gooseberry juice

Indian gooseberries
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Gooseberries are a rich source of vitamin C. Daily consumption of this juice is very helpful to cure dengue fever.


Basil juice

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Chewing basil leaves or drinking its tea has a significant healing effect on dengue patient. It improves the immunity of the patient too.


Barley grass juice

Barley juice
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Drink barley grass juice to see rapid increase in platelet count. It will help fight the side effects of the disease too.


Carrot, cucumber and lemon juice

carrot juice
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Serve the dengue patient with the juice of these three veggies. It will help to boost the immune system and fight with the after effects of the disease.