Sweat can play havoc on your make-up routine, so try rubbing a cube of ice all over your face and use a skin-toning facepack to have a smudge free look, says an expert.

Gunjan Gaur, permanent make-up expert at the capital based ALPS beauty clinic has dolled out some tips on how to have smudge free make-up.

Use ice: If you’re in a habit of applying make-up daily, rub a piece of ice all over the face before starting your make-up. It will close the skin pores, turning the skin less sweaty. Continue applying your make-up to prevent it from smudging.

Use facepack: Try using a skin-toning face pack, right before your make-up, to tone your skin pores. This will make your foundation or base glide easily and will also prevent sweating in order to attain a mess-proof make-up.

Ditch the foundation: Swap your regular foundation with a matt mousse, soufflé or studio-fix to provide a mesmerising glow the face, and not turning it appearing too sweaty, oily or greasy. Also, make sure that the chosen product matches your skin tone, to look natural.