Having made a name in the fashion industry, Lianne Texeira is now treading the world of acting. After featuring in commercials for a number of leading brands such as L’Oreal, Vivel, MTV and Channel V among many others, Lianne recently made her acting debut in the online entertainment space with Alisha, which airs on Culture Machine’s lifestyle channel Blush and says she was always drawn to acting.

"I’ve always been drawn to acting. It’s a satisfying craft," Lianne, who plays the role of 24-year-old fashion blogger turned investigator Alisha, said. She plays a young, spunky and urban girl next door who has a Sherlockian eye for detail.

As a style diva, Lianne feels style is personal and doesn’t have to scream the current fashion trend.

"It’s about expressing your mood for the day and the beauty of it lies in being experimental!"

Quiz her about five beauty necessities she doesn’t leave the house without and pat comes the reply: "Cell phone, kajal, sunscreen, lip balm and plastic money".

Although she admires the designs of several fashion designers in the country, Lianne picks Gauri & Nainika as her favourite mostly for their whimsical gown designs.

Speaking about Alisha, Lianne said, “It was a lot of fun playing the character more so because I am a fashion blogger in real life as well, hence it felt like an extension to my own self on screen."

"Alisha is the story about a fashion enthusiast-turned sleuth who loves Agatha Christie mysteries. The series may appeal to many young women in our country who have an interest in fashion, beauty and pop culture," she said.

Alongside Alisha in the series is her best friend forever Tania Rampal aka Tanny played by Sarah Hashmi of Dil Dhadhakne Do fame. Tanny is Alisha&’s childhood friend and a loyal partner in everything, be it gossip or  chocolates.

"Sara is perfect as my partner! We enjoy working together both on and off camera," Lianne said.

When asked why she chose a web series to make her acting debut, she said, "It’s the best platform for a new artist to showcase alternative content. As the writer/creator of the series, I wanted my creative opinions and narrative to stay authentic. And a web series can give you that freedom."

"Moreover, viewer reach is more accessible on phone and tablets, thus giving you a wider audience," Lianne adds.

When asked if she would like to make a debut in Bollywood, Lianne said, "I’m currently focusing on writing now but yes it’s on the radar."