Amid the hustle bustle of life, quite often, there is not even time to stop for a thought. And, in the rush, we often forget to focus on a lot of things. Getting into good shape is one of them. 

Check out these six quick steps to lose weight: 

Drink plenty of water 

Start your day with a glass of water. Juice for breakfast is fine. But as the day proceeds, drink at least 10 glasses of water. Sugary drinks add extra calories and it can increase your weight. So, it&’s best to avoid soft drinks, glucose or juices. 

Take 5 minute breaks for a stroll

Stuck with desk work all day? Take a small break each hour to walk. Not only does it help you lose the calories, it also freshens you up and makes you active.

Order food in small packages

Going out for snacks with friends? Instead of feeling left out or ordering too much, simply order what you like, but in small portions. Buy small sized burger, small popcorn tub, mini pizza or small cup of dessert and you’re good to go!

Opt for fresh basket of fruits

Replace your juice mug with fresh and ripe fruits, straight out of the garden. For the calories in one glass, relish the nutrients in one apple, orange or banana. The fruits will keep you full and make you forget your hunger pangs too.

Savour a handful of nuts

Snacking on almonds, walnuts, cashews and raisins can help you lose more weight than the ones who don’t eat nuts. It also makes it possible to satiate your hunger and keep your metabolism in control.

Adopt a fitness mantra

Look at the bright side! Don’t focus on what you can’t, target on what you can. Put out sticky notes on your wall or small reminders in your phone and keep repeating positive thoughts to yourself. “I can do it.” “I will get a flat tummy.” “I have the hottest body.” “I will go for a walk every morning.” “I will hold back from chocolates and pastries.” Believe in yourself, and see as it comes true.