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Seven easy ways to keep your kidneys healthy

Don’t ignore your kidney health. Protect your kidneys by reducing chances of developing diseases.

Deepa Gupta | New Delhi |

There are many diseases related to kidneys. These diseases are silent killers that affect your quality of life. Keep your kidney safe by taking good care of your body. Reduce your chances of developing diseases that put a strain on your kidneys.

Here’s how to keep your kidneys healthy:

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1 High blood pressure is a major cause of Chronic Kidney Diseases. Keep it at controlled levels by keeping yourself fit through exercise and right diet. Monitor your blood pressure regularly. The normal level is 120/80.

2 Keep a close check on your weight. Weight is a major factor responsible for conditions associated with chronic kidney disease, including diabetes and heart problems. Reduce your salt intake, eat right and workout daily.

3 Consume plenty of water and other fluids to help your kidneys clear sodium, urea and toxins from the body. It significantly lowers the risk of developing chronic kidney disease. Drink two to three litres of water every day to lessen the risk of forming stone and decline in kidney function.

4 Most of the diabetic people suffer from kidney damage. If you are diabetic, have regular check-ups for your healthy kidney functioning. Keep your blood sugar levels under control with the help of right diet, workout and medication to reduce or prevent kidney damage.

5 Few drugs like non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs pose significant danger to your kidney if taken regularly. Use these medicines only for emergencies. If you are fighting with some chronic pain like back pain, consult with your doctor to find a solution to control your pain with minimum or no such medication.

6 Smoking is injurious for health. It slows down the flow of blood to the kidneys and kidneys can’t function properly. When less blood reaches them. The risk of kidney cancer increases by 50 percent among people who smoke.

7 Consult your doctor before consuming certain vitamin supplements and herbal extracts. Their excess consumption may be harmful to your kidneys.

The move for kidney health is gaining popularity worldwide. Celebrities are also coming forward, contributing in this drive by walking, running and cycling in public areas.