Tamra, a food theatre at the Shangrila hotel in the Capital, takes inspiration from the early ages of culinary evolution when copper (tamra) vessels were used to make a perfect meal.

The setting is Indian, from jute partitions to the floor and extending to the copper utensils hung upside down at the Indian counter. But appearances can be deceptive because the restaurant offers more than 200 recipes from around the globe. Tamra is a good option for a leisurely Sunday brunch.

Diversity and quality come together to create a modern culinary experience offered up with engaging service. The 189-seat restaurant boasts of open theatre stations featuring Asian, Indian, regional, Japanese and Teppanyaki fare. It also offers homemade gelatos and a dessert bar, cold cuts, cheeses, creads and a salad bar.

The Asian counter is the most expansive of the lot and includes Thai, Malay, Singaporean and Chinese cuisines. The Western barbeque offers grilled chicken and mutton delicacies brought to you by experienced chefs.

We must mention the healthy and delicious salad section. The chef&’s special salad featuring veggies topped with avocado oil and mayonnaise and garnished with olives and flax seeds is a delight for diet-conscious folks.

The non-vegetarian section of the Indian counter serves three types of biryani–featuring chicken, mutton and prawn. For fish lovers, the marinated Aambedi fish tikka is a treat not to be missed.

The ghar ka khana theme at the Indian section is interesting. The dishes are prepared with just five basic spices: coriander, cumin, turmeric, chilli powder and salt. These are served with fresh phulkas of multigrain flour, masala flour and besan (chickpea flour). If you miss homemade food, then Tamra surely has something for you.

The dessert section is sinfully tempting. The signature Tamra chocolate tops the list. It looks like a chocolate bomb garnished with dry fruits and chocolate sauce.

The counter also has a candy-making section where the chef makes Shangrila special candy with mango, chocolate and strawberry sauces.

Also on offer are special ice-cream and flavoured frozen yoghurts. The restaurant also offers a la carte menu.

The restaurant has a kids’ play zone, allowing parents to both catch their breath and grab a bite in peace.

A Sunday meal with free-flowing cocktails, beer and mocktails will set you back by Rs 2,750.

Must tries: Aambedi fish tikka, Polenta cake, Tamra chocolate, Shangrila special candy.