Commuting to work during rainy days is a problem, especially for the fashion-conscious working ladies. It is important to wear the right clothes to look professional and feel comfortable as well. However, when it rains, wearing your best clothes or formal leather shoes or long clothes can turn out quite problematic. Here are some tips to rock your office look even on rainy days.

Colours: You can beat the grey and dull weather with the bright blues, reds and oranges. Shelf the whites into the closet for a good couple of months. Wearing white on a rainy day is a complete no, as white clothes when drenched become transparent and get stained easily. Wear light fabrics such as polyester and other wrinkle free fabrics. The colour of your shirt can vary from blue to pink to red and so on. You can never go wrong with a blue formal shirt and a black, khaki or beige trouser.

Trousers or skirts:  Long trousers are a no-no as they get dirty or splashed on with muddy road water on your way to work. You could get them altered – may be an inch shorter during the monsoons. If your work place allows it, smart formal skirts are a good bet during monsoons. Again, you should prefer dark colours over lighter shades.

Jacket: You can team up your Western attire with a trench coat or jacket to keep you warm during chilly evening breeze.

Indian outfit: If you prefer a more traditional Indian outfit during monsoon season, then avoid salwars and patialas and instead pick up a pair of short kurtis with leggings or churidaars. Long dupattas which are difficult to manage during the rains can be replaced with scarves or stoles. Avoid prints and fabric that tend to run colour when wet.

Footwear: Leather shoes or sandals aren’t great in the rains as they tend to soak water and dry very slowly. Instead, choose jelly shoes, floaters and any other sturdy footwear that is slip resistant during transit. Avoid loose sandals or flats as they tend to squirt dirt back on to you. You can always keep a pair of stilettos (high-heels) in your office cabinet, should you require them for important meetings.