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Resolving conflict in a relationship

Asanna Gonmei |

Perfect relationship do not exist. Conflict arises in every relationship, be it between siblings, parents and children or between couples. Conflict situation, however, differ among relationships. But any conflict can be resolved.

According to studies, some men tend to show more aggression than women and some women are more in control and are patient even in the face of serious levels of threats and intimidation in a relationship.

However men are more likely to run away from conflicts and tend to move on quickly after disagreements. But avoiding conflict may not help a situation. It may widen the distance in a relationship.

Hence, if both partners run away from a conflict situation, problems between them will remain unresolved. It will result in frustration and disappointment.

To strengthen a relationship, it is advisable for both parties to talk it out and try to resolve even the smallest of issue between them than ignoring it for it to later build up and escalate the tension. Both have the responsibility to sort things out in an amicable manner as matured adults.

Making amends is the noblest thing to do in this world. Angry words can never stop a fight. Always try to end bad feelings.  Few tips may help you to ease any tension or resolve conflict in a relationship.

Both the partners should make use of words like please while expecting the other to do some work and thank you when your spouse fulfils your expectation.

Do not nag your spouse. Always try to respect each other’s conducts.

Learn to say sorry if you have hurt your partner in any way.  If the other person is at fault, learn to forgive each other. It can make a big difference.

Never point fingers at your spouse. It may initiate the conflict or worsen it.

Always listen to your spouse and observe his body language. Try to understand each other in a better way and do not argue with them for little things.

A new relationship opens a new chapter in your life. Snooping into your partner&’s past may create trouble in your new life. Don’t bring back the old once you enter a new world together and feel that the new has much more to rejoice.

Be brave enough to let go of the past. Forgive your partner and move on like nothing happened. It may be hard but not impossible. You will feel much better afterwards.

Do not drag others into your arguments with your spouse. It will only complicate matters and may even destroy your new relationship. Stay clear from people who try to control your relationship.

Idealism for you and your partner may be different. So do not try to impose your ideal mind on your partner&’s behaviour.

Always think positive about your partner&’s achievements and popularity. Keep jealousy away and save your togetherness.

Stay true and honest to each other even if it seems tough many a times.

Learn to compromise in a relationship. It will lift you in the eyes of your spouse.

Always choose happiness over conflicts and ego. We all want to prove ourselves right constantly. By doing so it leads to fights. Sometimes, even if one is right, it is better to step back. And it is alright to be at fault, for to err is human.

Smile at each other. Hug each other and make up. Spend quality time together. Take a walk together, play some sports together or enjoy candle light dinners. Try every possible way to nurture your relationship. Forgive the wrongs and forget the conflict should be the perfect mantra to move on.