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National Siblings Day: What it is? Things to do?

Love them or hate them, having a sibling is one of the best things ever!

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From childhood memories to adolescent fights for petty issues, siblings always share a special place in our hearts. Love them or hate them, having a sibling is one of the best things ever! They are your first friend, your confidant, partner-in-crime all built in one.

There will be times when you probably wanted to rip each other’s head and never speak again, that sibling love can’t be described. You learn so much from one another each day, fighting for remote, sharing secrets, discussing problems.

What is National Siblings Day?

National Siblings Day is celebrated on April 10 every year to recognise the importance of brothers and sisters. It’s a special bond this relationship is the longest one can have.

National Siblings Day: The history


Siblings Day was first started by Claudia Evart, who lost both her siblings at every early age. The day marks the birthday of Claudia’s late sister, Lisette. It began in 1988 in America and now has become a tradition. Claudia Evart says it is important to honour siblings as they are blood relations, who often look alike and enjoy the feeling of closeness.

What are your plans for Siblings Day?

It may be a ‘national’ day for the US, but there is nothing wrong if we jump in to celebrate the day and make it ‘international’. If you haven’t made any plans yet, just grab your phone and text your sibling(s) and make one. In this busy life, it’s the best occasion to remind your sibling how much you adore him, or her. Here are 5 suggestions from our side to make full use of the day.

Go dine together



It’s a working day. You may not have had time to catch up for some sibling revellery. But what stops you from having a fun dinner together? Plan out one and spend some time together, cherishing your childhood memories. Don’t forget to order your favorite dishes. Better, surprise your sibling by ordering his or her favorite food.

Call them up!


Call them up and reminisce about your happiest childhood memories. Chances are you will spend hours on the phone laughing remembering the days that have gone by. A call can bring up thousands of memories back and will keep you smiling.

DIY gift exchange


The best gifts are those that are handmade. They also remind the person you are thinking about them. It can be a cute photo frame with your childhood picture, a handmade card, or some kind of nostalgic past gift.

Re-create your childhood pictures


Photo recreations are always a fun and pretty unique. Endless laughter will bind you and you will realise how time flies. Try making the picture cute and funny so that whenever you see it in future, thousands of memories flood back.

Tell them you love them!


Another cutest way to celebrate the day is to just go and giving them a warm hug. A hug is the best way to tell how much you love them, value them. You don’t have to say a word.