Academy Gala 2023

The Academy Museum Gala in 2023 took place in Los Angeles, CA. The annual fundraiser, which always has a lot of celebrity power, generates money for the museum's public programming and exhibitions.

Investigating various milk varieties

The dairy industry has changed dramatically in recent years as more plant-based milk substitutes compete for shelf space with the well-known cartons of cow's milk.

Madhubani Painting: Pride of Mithilanchal

One can also see Mithila painting as a movement that broke the caste barrier. These paintings are an illustration of the thoughts, hopes, and dreams of the villagers, especially the womenfolk.

Healthful food for children is the same as for adults: Study

A diet favouring these foods can have significant detrimental effects on children's preferences and tastes may exacerbate food neophobia or picky eating behaviour sometimes seen in children and may impact their health in the future.

How to have Anjeer for losing weight and building stamina

Figs are commonly known as Anjeer in Hindi. They are a little sweet and one of the satisfying fruits that can help in weight loss if consumed as a part of your daily diet. They can be eaten either in their fresh form or as dry fruit.

Smart sensor-equipped chair may aid in reducing back pain in office workers

The smart chair was tested in a real-life setting outside of the lab. Amassing data from 22 study participants over a period of three months, the research group combed through the information to investigate the dynamics of sitting behaviour and identify a predictable lower back pain (LBP) progression.